South Coyote Buttes Tour

The southern section of Coyote Buttes is even better than it's more famous cousin to the north. We offer guided day and photo tours. Permit required.

Coyote Buttes Tours - Vermilion Cliffs

An area of great interest to us is South Coyote Buttes. We feel that the southern section of Coyote Buttes is even better than it's more famous cousin to the north. Not only is this area a much shorter hike it's also considerably more varied from a photographers viewpoint. This is BLM permit area but due to the difficulty of route finding and tough roads, there are less people visiting this area. Special vehicles and experience is required to visit this area and our guides have the experience you will need. The southern section of Coyote Buttes south is divided into two areas: Paw Hole and Cottonwood. They both feature the large teepees photographers love to shoot but are very different from each other. Paw hole offers more of the deep red iron oxide sandstone than any area inside the monument. Offering several colorful and delicate walls, this area is a great choice for anyone interested in macro detail as well as large subjects. Lace rock is another great discovery in this section and is featured in many coffee table books of the area. Cottonwood is another 45 minutes to an hour past Paw hole and has a more prominent orange and yellow look to it. We suggest choosing one area for your tour as they both are exceptional destinations and should not be rushed. If you are more of a hiker and less photographer it is possible to see quite a large area in south buttes. Photographers have consistently rated this section higher than the northern area due to it's shear volume of subjects to shoot. Tours depart daily and there is a two person minimum. Fruit and bottled water are provided.
Day Tour $199 per person
Photo Tour $269

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