North Coyote Buttes Tour

The Wave, located in the North Coyote Buttes, is a world famous destination. Limited access area and permit required. We offer guided day and photo tours.

Coyote Buttes North Tours - Vermilion CliffsIf you are one of the lucky few who have a permit to Coyote Buttes north you are in for a real treat. Guided hikes to The Wave take about 1-1.5 hours and total distance is around 6-7 miles and photo tours often total 10-12 miles. This is not a difficult hike although there is some walking up hill and through sandy/rocky areas. Please be aware that summertime temperatures reach well into the triple digits and you should be aware of heat exhaustion. Going with a licensed guide is a very good idea and Grand Circle Tours can show you areas you would not have seen without us. We have guided several hundred wave tours and know many exceptional photo ops. We take your safety very serious and you should be in good shape to tackle this tour. The Wave formations are made of Jurassic age navajo sandstone and is approximately 190 million years old. Scientists who study The Wave say that the old sand dunes turned into hard compacted rock over the ages, calcifying in vertical and horizontal layers. Erosion by wind and rain has created the spectacular landscape which appears now. A good time for photographing The Wave is the few hours around midday when there are no shadows in the center, although early morning and late afternoon shadows can also make for dramatic photos. After a recent rain storm, numerous pools form which can be great shooting. There is a minimum of two persons for the tour and fruit and bottled water are provided.
Day Tour $199 per person
Photo Tour $269

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