White Pocket Tour

White Pocket Tour - Vermilion CliffsThe White Pockets Guided Tour in the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument is the go-to spot for the serious photographer and is slated to become the next permit area after Coyote Buttes and The Wave. Grand Circle Tours has been exploring this area for over 10 years now and has identified several top photographic areas that will have great interest to you. This is an extremely delicate area and the fragile fin like rocks can be easily damaged by the careless hiker. Our guides will show you the best areas for both the hiker as well as the photographer. The trip through the southern section of the Vermilion Cliffs takes around 2-2:15 hours each way depending on road conditions as there are many sandy and high clearance areas to drive through. Elevation of the White Pockets is around 6000 feet which makes it a bit cooler than most of our Vermilion Cliffs locations like Teepees, 1000 pockets and Coyote Buttes. White Pockets is an area often described as "another planet" but we assure you it's in Arizona and no visa is required other than a sense of adventure. We keep our group sizes at 5 or less to keep the experience intimate and use a SUV 4x4 to negotiate the difficult back country roads. This is physically a very easy hike for anyone able to walk over uneven rocks and the whole area can be seen in 1-2 hours of hiking. Tour time is around 7 hours and includes fruit and bottled water. We offer a normal day trip option as well as a photographic tour which we will work with you directly to discuss optimal lighting conditions. Custom overnight tours available on request.
Day Tour $199 per person / Photo Tour $269
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